Hello, I'm Cody 🤝

Lead Product Designer @ Arccos Golf

Design, to me, is the art of blending creativity and functionality to create solutions that improve the human experience. I work with organizations that want to make their product vision a reality. I value usability, readability and simplicity - and invite you to join me in the design process!

What I do

User Research

I approach user research with a deep curiosity and empathy, striving to understand the motivations, pain points, and goals of users through methods like interviews, surveys, and user testing. I prioritize gathering qualitative and quantitative data to inform and validate my design decisions, ensuring that the final product truly meets the needs and delights the intended users.

Information Architecture

I work to organize and structure content in a way that makes it easy for users to find and use. I prioritize understanding the hierarchy of information and designing intuitive navigation systems, ensuring that users can easily and efficiently access the information they need.

Prototyping & Wireframing

I approach prototyping and wireframing with a strong emphasis on iterative design and user feedback, creating low or high-fidelity prototypes to quickly validate design concepts and gather insights for improvement. I aim to effectively communicate my design ideas, interactions, and flows through interactive prototypes, enabling stakeholders and development teams to visualize and understand the intended user experience before moving into the development phase.

Visual Design

I love blending aesthetics with usability- creating visually appealing interfaces that enhance the overall user experience. I pay attention to typography, color theory, and visual hierarchy to ensure that the visual elements align with the brand identity, while also supporting clear communication and intuitive interactions for the users.
"Cody is a quick learner with an eye for good design, both visually and from a UX best practices standpoint. He’s organized, gets things done, and keeps the users’ best interests in mind at all times. Through all the phases of the design process, he asks the right questions to ensure the right problems are being solved. To top it off, he’s a great person to work with and would be an invaluable contributor to any team! Highest regards for Cody and his design work."

-Grace S.